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Third Eye
Heart Outline

I live in Northern Arizona near Sedona.


I began my spiritual awakening journey nearly 10 years ago but as a child I already showed the first signs of being an empath.

I was very sensitive to people's emotions and energies. Being so young, I did not know how to manage the sensory overload.


It was not until later in life, I realized that "empathy" was a gift that helped me connect with people. It was about being there for others, guiding them with compassionate detachment and at the same time maintaining a strong sense of self. 


The empath in me was still present during my teenage years. I was a good listener and I was naturally good at helping friends by giving them advise. 

Life seemed to get in the way as I grew older, but each challenge life threw at me served to bring me closer to my Higher Self and to my purpose until, finally, I accepted my soul purpose nearly 10 years ago.

Right at the beginning of my Spiritual awakening, I started using Spiritual tools. The use of oracle and tarot cards has become one of my favorite ways to connect to my Higher Self. They have a mysterious aura around them. They are powerful gateways to the inner self and unconscious mind. They have helped me on so many levels on my spiritual journey. 

Another dominating theme in my life involves crystals. I have a strong connection with Mother Earth and its gems. They have helped me heal and manifest my ideal life.

2020 was a pivotal year for me. I was honored to join the International Koalition of Krones. We are a group of Spiritually Awakened Wise Women. Our aim is to assist and inspire others through these challenging times as the Collective Consciousness of Humanity of Earth continues its journey of Consciousness Expansion. Stepping up to the role of Crone gave me the opportunity to share wisdom from life experience and give inspiration to a wider audience. 

I have several years of experience on assisting others on their spiritual journey.

I aim to help guide you on your spiritual path, as well as provide inspiration and insight from a higher perspective.

The main focus is to help you evolve, get you more in line with your soul purpose and find an overall balance in your life.

Whether you are looking for guidance from a tarot/oracle card reading, the benefits of a crystal healing session, or taking part in one of my Introduction to Crystal Healing Workshops, I am here to assist you in facilitating the process.

All of my work is centered around empowering you to walk your path with support, light and love. 

I invite you to journey with me. 

Gy’ Shé em


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