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A complete workshop in the use and care of crystals and minerals

Crystals and minerals have been used in healing for centuries by cultures all over the world, and are considered to be natural vibrational aids for health and wellness. 


This is a hands-on experiential Crystal workshop on personal healing where you will explore how powerfully our crystal friends can assist to balance and harmonize your human energy body. 


During this one day workshop you will learn:

       - How crystals work with our bodies to facilitate healing

- Information about various crystals
       - How to choose crystals, care for them including cleansing and charging
       - How to incorporate crystals in your daily life
       - How to explore subtle energies and vibrations, colors and shapes
       - How to make a basic crystal grid 

I am qualified in Quartz Crystal Healing (diploma accredited by the British Complementary Medical Association).

I hope you can join me for this informative, fun and interactive workshop.  

A selection of unique crystals and gemstones will be available for sale, and you may bring your own crystals.

Open to the public, no pre-requisites or prior experience is necessary.


Spaces are strictly limited. Please contact me by email for dates, price and availability. 

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